We don't just do rackets and grips. Karakal Australia provides a range of equipment for every aspect of Squash! 

From rackets bags to crash tape, check out our full array of accessories which cater to every player - from the wednesday night social player to the PSA professional.

 Everyone needs a bag for squash, where else are you going to put those sweaty clothes and extra rackets?! Our luggage ranges from the RB-20 backpack to the RB-75 for the serious player. Made from Super Light Polyester material with a padded shoulder strap carrying system, these Karakal racket bags are your go to bag for any trip to the court.

Keep the sweat at bay! Our sweatbands use a high density, super soft absorbent cotton for maximum performance and come in a variety of colours. We have two different styles of wristbands - the Jumbo X1 and the smaller X2 model. Also available is the Karakal Headband X1 to make sure your vision is never impaired.

The Evolution 115 Squash String is a high modulus mini core construction which gives maximum shock absorptionIn the lead up to the 2014 British Open Cameron Pilley broke the record for the fastest squash ball ever hit, at an amazing 176mph using his Karakal Tec Gel 120 racket strung with Karakal Evolution 115 string.

The Nano Fusion is a high modulus multifilament construction which is impregnated with polyurethane elastomer resin, then twisted and fused together. The twisting and fusing of the multifilaments makes the string react like natural gut with shock absorbtion through elasticity giving power and control without tension loss.

The Nano 125 is a highly compressed multifilament core 1.25mm Squash String, braided with high tensile microfibres are bonded together with 'NANO' elastomer resin giving superior elasticity, unmatched power and control.

Looking for a thicker string? Try the Classic 130 - A high strength co-polymer core 1.3mm Squash Racket String, overwrapped with a single layer of nylon 66 monofilaments and a smooth thermoplastic coating.

One of our most popular products. The Karakal Big Ball is a larger than standard squash ball with extra bounce designed for coaching. Perfect for kids or players learning the game. 

Karakal produces three different types of standard sized squash balls to cater for all abilities. 

We also supply top quality Racket Balls; the Recreation model and also the Competition model.

Our racket head protection tape is made from non marking, super strong material which can be applied to any racket head shape.

We offer two different styles of Eye Protection: the Pro 2500 and the Pro 3000. They feature anti-fog and anti-scratch technology to make sure you never miss a ball. Both are approved for competition use and certified by the World Squash Federation.